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Dr. Larry Barton is one of the world’s leading experts in crisis management and workplace violence prevention.

A former professor at Harvard Business School, Penn State, University of Nevada at Las Vegas and Boston College, he became Vice President of Crisis Management at Motorola from 1995-1999. During this time, he designed a global system for crisis prevention and response that became a model for other multinationals. He led a global risk and issues team with offices in Tokyo, Geneva, Hong Kong and London.

Dr. Barton has researched over 2,800 critical incidents affecting organizations since 1987 and has consulted with many of the world’s leading companies and institutions on emerging issues that threaten the people, financial condition and reputation of an organization.

He has managed cases of embezzlement, extortion, stalking, workplace violence, murder, and reductions in force, among others.

In addition to top-ranked presentations to executive teams and corporate/governmental audiences, Dr. Barton designs high impact and realistic simulations to test organizational preparedness against a variety of threats; he often employs the use of highly skilled actors who role play employees at risk, reporters, regulators and others to add realism to the decision-making process. He has offered these presentations and exercises in over 30 countries and his presentations consistently rank as among the highest rated by sponsoring organizations.

As President and Professor of Management at The American College, Dr. Barton is a highly acclaimed scholar in threat management, violence at work and crisis management. His book, Crisis Leadership Now (McGraw-Hill) has been named One of the Best Business Books by Soundview Executive Books and is available through

His other books include Crisis In Organizations (Southwestern/Thompson), Ethics: The Enemy In The Workplace (Southwestern/Thompson) and Crisis In Organizations II (Southwestern/Thompson). He is the author of more than 40 referred articles in academic publications and dozens of articles in trade journals in the retail, medical and security professions. He has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal. In addition, Oxford University Press recently published a summary on his work on employees who struggle with mental health issues that often leads to violence at work.

Often quoted by the news media during critical incidents, Dr. Barton is part of a discreet network of professionals in the human resources, psychological, forensic accounting and behavioral sciences communities who assist with real-time case management. His threat assessment evaluative skills are based on an interdisciplinary methodology that have received wide acclaim from law enforcement, employers and trade associations. His newest work on workplace violence appears in Preventing and Managing Workplace Violence, published by The American Bar Association.

Dr. Barton teaches these issues at The FBI Academy where he works with law enforcement executives from various federal and local agencies. He is the top ranked executive speaker at The University of Chicago Booth School of Business MBA Program. For the past seven years he has been voted "One of the 100 Most Influential Persons In Insurance" by Insurance Newscast.

To contact Dr. Barton, please call 602.740.4888, or email him at

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